Eric Crawford Gets Mila J Placements


Pictured: Eric Crawford

Missing Link Music’s client Eric Crawford has been placed with Mila J on her upcoming full-length album. M.I.L.A. actually stands for “Made in Los Angeles.” In addition to producing, Eric Crawford also  performs under the name, “Eric Cire.”

Eric Cire’s music is best described as “real music meets real emotion, meets real stories, meets real vocals, meets real melodies, which makes for a real powerful listening experience. ” —


Pictured: M.LL.A. J

Eric is a Grammy Award nominated producer.for Mariah Carey‘s “Joyride” singer, and noteworthy songwriter who’s credits include “I Can’t Hear the Music” by Fabulous. Whenever Eric starts a new project, he enters with fresh, unbiased ears. His first independent self-titled album moved over 70,000 units all over the world. His second album remains in heavy rotation on the Sattellite radio circuit and has sold over 30,000 copies.

For news and other upcoming works, check out Eric Cire’s website here:


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