Errol Cooney Plays in Stevie Wonder Tribute Band

Errol Cooney

Errol Cooney poses with Stevie Wonder’s Tribute Band

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and blues guitarist Errol Cooney recently played in the “Song in the Key of Life – An All-Star Salute” tribute to Stevie Wonder on CBS, Monday February 16, 2015. This star-studded event taking place roughly a week after the 57th Annual Grammy Awards was headlined by Beyonce Knowles, Ed Sheeran, and Gary Clark Jr.

Errol is a blues guitar player best known for his work in Phillip Phillips as a guitar player. His incredible range of influences enable him to create melodic soundscapes that envelop Phillips’  intricate songwriting, allowing for a powerful collaboration. A great example of this duo was captured last year in Phillip’s iTunes Sessions,  and more recently on Phillips’ second album, Behind The Light.

Errol’s Arsenal

Amp: Mesa/Boogie F-100 combo

Guitars: 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard and ES-335, 1986 Fender Stratocaster, Taylor steel- and nylon-string acoustic-electrics.

FX: Maxon OD808 and Crowther Hot Cake overdrive pedals, Line 6 DL4 delay modeler, Dunlop Crybaby wah, Ernie Ball volume pedal

Accessories: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power




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