Lisa Simmons and Flinstone Added to MLM’s Roster

Missing Link is proud to announce the signing of songwriters Lisa Simmons and Flintstone.


Lisa SimmonsSinging/Songwriting/production team, Lisa Simmons and Flinstone collectively have written and produced songs for such artist as Fantasia, JoJo, Kelly Rowland, Jeannie Ortega, Sunshine Anderson, Kelly Price, Oliva, Juice, Michelle Williams, Howard Hewitt, Randy Crawford, Mary Mary, Backstreet Boys, and Kasey Butler. They have also written for Television and Film including ” Save the last dance 2,” and “Hair Show.”

Lisa Simmons began her musical career while she was attending the Los Angeles County High School For The Arts. Resident production team SoulShock & Karlin, best known for hits such as Whitney Houston’s “Heart Break Hotel” and Fantasia’s “Truth Is.” Together with Elektra Records, they signed Lisa to a joint record deal. It was during this time that Lisa discovered that she could write songs, and ended up writing 9 of the 12 songs on her debut album, including her first single to be released on Elektra Records.

​“ I remember feeling overwhelmed with the fact that I could not get a musical track to save my life. It was so difficult because I would have songs in my head, and no music to put it to. I would literally just listen to other artist songs, tune them out, and write to the music behind them. I think people would be shocked to know that a few of my songs were written that way, but I had no choice I had to do what I had to do, and after a while of writing this way, I decided that I was going to have to produce music myself, so I sold some CD’s of a few of my songs to create revenue, purchased logic, and shortly after began making tracks”



Flinstone had a very similar musical upbringing. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, while still in high school, Flinstone met Harvey Mason of the Underdogs, best known for songs such as Mario’s “How Could You”, Omarion’s  “O” and  the Dream Girls Soundtrack. He was the first artist signed to Harvey, and under his direction, signed a deal with MCA Records; but due to changes in the company Flinstone got lost in the shuffle, and decided to nurture his desire to produce music. Now with Harvey teaming up with Damon Thomas of the Underdogs,

Flinstone states, “Working with Harvey and Damon was amazing, a lot of long hours, music production, and great work ethic. It was like a factory, If you worked hard, then the result would be great music. It was a great experience for me, because the guys are so open to different ideas, and it allowed for creativity to be the catalyst.  It also gave me time to sing again on some of the songs. Our main goal is to make sure that each song that we produce, represents what everyday people are feeling”


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