Noisey Licenses NWA for Short Documentary

The Story of “F*** The Police”

With the recent success of NWA’s biopic, “Straight Outta Compton” this past summer, there has been a renewed buzz about the story of how “F*** The Police” came to be. Noisey, the music division of VICE, has produced a short documentary about the conditions of Compton in the 80’s, and how the rise of NWA enabled a generational voice to allow a much needed, harsh critique of law enforcement.

The short documentary, “The Story of F*** The Police,” was released  on September 9th, 2015. Watch the intriguing short documentary below:


“Noisey is proud to present a new documentary exploring the impact of the seminal rap track “F*** Tha Police” by NWA. We talk to Ice Cube and Yella from the group about the circumstances that led to the making of the song, as well as police officers from the Compton gang unit at the time, and lifelong Compton citizens who felt the impact of the song in their neighborhoods.” -Noisey/VICE



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