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Missing Link Music is happy to announce the signing of Darrell Crooks to its worldwide administration roster.

Darrell is a rare individual that continuously shines his light among his passions, and emanates through his guitar playing. His essence, his energy, and his love for life, is intense, inspirational, and electrifying. This unique intensity spills out of his unusually compassionate nature and his keen wit.

Darrell’s been a lifelong producer and musician. He was the Musical Director for Chante Moore and Ali Woodson of the Temptations. He toured with 3T and performed with Tupac Shakur, the incomparable Kirk Whalum, Daryl Coley and Christopher Williams. In recent years, he’s toured with The Commodores and the legendary Chaka Khan. Being influenced by many different genres, he plays R&B, Blues, Jazz, Funk, and everything in between. Darrell is known to say,

When I’m able to create a platform with different types of colors and textures to reach out and touch the artists’ audience with their gift, this means, that the artist wins. The artist is the MVP. So, when the team wins – I win. I like playing with winners and as far as I’m concerned, we’re on the same team, and I’m a Team Player, who helps the team play to WIN!

Words scarcely fit Darrell Crooks. He’s a giant that you cannot see with the visible eye; he’s a man of love who weaves his tapestry through his heart and through his music. But most importantly, he’s a man that restores hope, inspiration, and peace, to all those who thought such redeeming qualities had been lost forever. Remember, once again, it’s simply the Darrell Crooks way.

All of us at Missing Link Music could not be more pleased with Darrell’s demeanor and overall attitude to succeed,
and we look forward to be working creatively with him.

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