Hailing from Colorado & Tennessee, Sean Haywood, professionally known to the world as "Atlus," is an American singer/songwriter phenomenon. With his unmistakable voice, Atlus has the ability to bend any genre or musical production at will. He can effortlessly hit skyscraping vocal ranges unheard of before, and can use his vocals as a tool to partake in any genre he wants, as he has dozens of original music and trending covers that range from commercial pop to country, to rap, and dance. Atlus is currently bolstering a hefty 1.8M monthly listeners on Spotify, and rapidly growing, in part due to his tens of millions of streams across platforms, all since 2020! Atlus is one of the music industry’s best-kept secrets and an undeniable force to be reckoned with. So, if you’re still on the outs, you better tune in now while you're still early… 

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