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Far East Movement Joins Missing Link Music Administration
Far East movement is a product of late night music and parking lot free-styles at various clubs in Koreatown, L.A.

“[Far East Movement] figured out the flavor that makes their hood unique; KTown Riot is the sound of them exporting it to the world. The inaugural song of this era, “The Illest,” was written shortly after the crew returned home following a year of non-stop travel.
“We felt we needed to bring the sound home, so we took almost a month off from touring and went out every night to karaoke rooms and bars and just lived,” recalls Kev Nish.
The result is a return to their roots and a re-invention. If the best rap is often regional, FEM captures the sonic diversity of one of the biggest melting pots in North America.” –
Missing Link is proud to include FEM in its increasingly diverse catalogue of music. Making it onto the Billboard 200 with multiple albums Free Wired and Dirty Bass, they have had massive successful hits such as, “Like a G6” “Dirty Bass” and “Rocketeer.” We are excited to see what they have in store for the near future.
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